Add variety to your vacation and get acquainted with the sights of the Pskov region with the help of our partners - Continent Travel Bureau. The proximity of the hotel to Pskov, Izborsk and Pechory makes it attractive for varied excursion programs.

Where to go?

Take a classic city tour “Admire Pskov. Lord, what a big city! Exactly like Paris! ... " with a visit to the Kremlin, the Trinity Cathedral, the Dovmont's town, the monuments of Holy Princess Olga, Alexander Nevsky and with a tour to the historic city center (3 hours).

Go on the uniquely created informal walk "Secluded spots of Pskov " around the historical center of the city with a survey of its nooks and lane, stories and tales about merchants and marshals, writers and architects who lived in the city or who visited it. Vivid images created by the guide will come to life and you will no longer pass by the old buildings with indifference - they will be filled with life, voices, music. (2 hours)

On the route "Miraculous Izborsk and the winged fortress" you will visit Izborsk, or as it is also called "Iron City", - one of the oldest Slavic settlements, veiled in legends, and the Holy Dormition Monastery, where the ancestors of Mikhail Kutuzov, Modest Mussorgsky and Alexander Pushkin are buried (4-5 hours).

On a literature trip to Pushkin Hills (State Memorial Historical-Literary and Natural-Landscape Museum-Reserve named after Alexander Pushkin), you will get acquainted with the life and work of the great poet in the Mikhailovskoe village, which can be called the poetic homeland of his talent. In the Mikhailovskoe’s wilderness, the poet experienced an incredible creative inspiration and wrote more than 100 pieces of work. You will also have a walk to "The Larins House " in the estate of Pushkin's friends Osipov-Wulf (Trigorskoye village) and to the Svyatogorsk monastery to the Pushkin-Hannibal family cemetery and the grave of Alexander Pushkin. (9 hours)

We also invite you to an author's excursion to the monasteries of the Pskov region or to Vybuty - the birthplace of Princess Olga, to the National Museum of Seto minority in Sigovo, to the ostrich or berry farm, a gingerbread workshop and more. It is possible to organize excursions as a part of a group tour (from Pskov), as well as individual excursion with qualified guides on your vehicle or ours.

You can book an excursion and get the information about the price and its types on the Continent Travel Bureau website.